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Interconnection Amplifies the Value of Bare Metal Deployments

Optimizing High-performance Compute
and Scalability with Equinix

By Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst. Oct, 2020

Numerous challenges get in the way of accomplishing DX objectives. One of the most significant is complexity. Nearly two-thirds of organizations say IT is significantly more complex today, and organizations with mature DX initiatives are three times likelier than those with no DX initiatives to say IT is significantly more complex today.

As organizations move forward with DX efforts, they are balancing these potential barriers:

  • Scale―enabling digital business operations rapidly and globally via cloud connectivity and services.
  • Performance―supporting real-time transactions with high availability.
  • Security―deploying data and security across locations.
  • Compliance—enforcing regulatory controls.
  • Global reach―removing go-to-market limitations.
  • Agility―improving responsiveness to market changes and opportunities.
  • Technology integration―adding new technologies to the existing mix while minimizing delays and redundancies.
  • Flexible cost structure―choosing advantageous, predictable methods of consumption and payment.

Additional complications include national, local, internal, and external security/compliance requirements, persistent skills shortages, and edge computing requirements. Fortunately, the challenges are solvable.

Bare metal and interconnection, each of which has its own advantages, together enable benefits to be compounded as organizations address DX challenges. Bare metal puts hardware at users’ fingertips, providing businesses with access to secure, powerful, agile, high-performance compute. Interconnection allows businesses to directly connect at global scale to their choice of thousands of networking, storage, and compute resources, as well as application service providers.

Benefits of Automated, Interconnected Bare Metal

Increasing operational efficiency and improving customer experience―the top two DX priorities reported in Figure 1―go hand in hand. To accomplish these goals, organizations need high-performance computing and scalability that are easy to consume and easy to budget based on pay-for-use. They also need fast, neutral access to their customers and the networks in which they participate, including major cloud platforms and service providers. And regulated businesses everywhere need to ease compliance efforts. Distributed data placed in regions can help. These requirements can be met by interconnection and bare metal, which together offer a compelling strategy for businesses to digitally integrate and transform. This is where Equinix Metal comes into play.

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