Increase security with dedicated infrastructure

Exploitation of vulnerabilities within the infrastructure that supports multi-tenancy can lead to a failure to maintain separation among tenants. With Equinix Metal™, isolate sensitive workloads and access SGX, SEV and other hardware-level security protocols with 100% dedicated single-tenancy.


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Why Leverage Equinix Metal for Security

  • 100% Dedicated Single Tenancy Data is independent of other potential tenants with the same provider.

  • Private connectivity Secure, private connections to clouds, networks, partners, and customers.

  • Hardware placement & customization Deploy compute resources closer to the user to securely process data versus traversing the public internet to other data centers.

  • Hardware-level security protocols Even if there is a data breach to one tenant with the same service provider, another tenant would be safe from the breach since data is stored in a separate instance.

  • Workload isolation Resources are always reserved, exclusively, for a specific group of compute tasks.

  • Global, Trusted & Interconnected Receive access to a global footprint that is interconnected to all major clouds & networks.

Photo of Kris Beevers

We have a critical position in our customers' stacks, which means if we have a service-impacting issue, their business is also impacted. For us, that reinforces the importance of resiliency in our own infrastructure.

Kris Beevers, Founder, CEO, NS1
  • Network Edge

    Network Edge

    Virtual network services that run on a modular infrastructure platform for rapid and secure deployment.

  • Interconnection Services

    Interconnection Services

    Quickly create connections to cloud, network and security providers.

  • Secure Edge

    Secure Edge

    Simplify data protection across any cloud architecture.

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