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Equnix Metal

We ❤️ Open Source

Our Open Source Partner program is designed to support the projects upon which we all depend and build. Participants can receive free or discounted infrastructure as well as community and marketing support.

Benefits of our open source program

  • An allocation of free Equinix Metal infrastructure
  • Support for build, test, and CI/CD needs on a diverse set of bare metal hardware
  • Gain exposure through live streams, blog posts, etc
  • Participation in monthly check-ins

Participants include

Debian Logo Rust Logo K3s Logo Go Logo CoreDNS Logo Wireguard Logo

Getting on board

We pride ourselves on being authentic, approachable humans who are vested in your success. Here's our process.

We start each relationship with a 90-day onboarding period. During this period, you will:

  • Have access to infrastructure and expertise
  • Test Equinix Metal to see if we can meet your needs
  • Participate in monthly check-ins

At the end of the onboarding, we'll allocate credits and schedule bi-annual reviews, where we can mutually:

  • Give and receive feedback
  • Evaluate evolving needs
  • Allocate additional / recurring credits
  • Explore marketing opportunities

OSS partners can interact with each other and extend their network via:

  • A private OSS Partners Slack channel
  • Monthly office hours with product updates & roadmap reviews
  • Engagement with Equinix and its ecosystem of partners

How to apply

The Equinix Metal OSS Partner program is focused on building relationships and giving back. We support technologies that impact our business: languages, operating systems, networking, cloud native and related stacks.

To be eligible for the OSS program, we ask that you meet the following criteria before applying.

Are you?
  • A pure open source project?
  • A commercial open source project?
  • A community project?
Your project
  • Shows evidence of a team
  • Is not a Series A or B start-up (we have a program for you)
  • Code is licensed using an open source license like Apache, BSD, MIT, or similar
Submit an application
Non CNCF applications
CNCF members

If you’re a CNCF hosted project or member, you can also apply for resources through the CNCF Community Infrastructure Lab, which is powered by Equinix Metal.

Like what you see?

Then let’s get you started on your journey with Equinix Metal