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Equnix Metal


Seamless, fully managed cloud native application platform 

Deploy, scale, observe, and non-disruptively update production-ready Kubernetes and OpenStack infrastructure-as-a-service clusters, anywhere in Equinix Metal's global bare metal datacenter topology. All from a single pane of glass. 


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Why Mirantis

  • Choice

    Use Equinix Metal or any public or private cloud infrastructures to deploy and manage Kubernetes and/or OpenStack. Build out multi-cloud container and virtual machine hosting to suit your strategy, without lock-in.

  • Security

    Separation of duties and policy enforcement for organizations with strict security requirements. DISA STIG, OSCAL, FIPS 140-2 encryption, container image scanning, Content Trust, and other technologies required by regulated industries and gov/mil.

  • Full Stack Lifecycle Management

    Solves the complex problem of continuous lifecycle management for the full stack of Kubernetes and related technologies across multiple cloud providers and infrastructure domains, including bare metal.

  • Simplicity

    Consistent experience for users regardless of underlying infrastructure. Single point of integration for authentication, IT service management, automation, self-service. Rapidly deliver pre-provisioned clusters to large developer teams with hundreds to thousands of apps.

  • Consistency

    A mature, complete, and consistent Kubernetes cluster model everywhere that helps enable workload portability and can be addressed with consistent automation.

  • Zero Touch, Zero Downtime

    Updates and upgrades continuously provided by Mirantis can be scheduled and pushed to regional and child clusters in a fully secure, non-disruptive way via rolling updates that keep workloads available.

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Fast, simple deployments on bare metal

Mirantis Chart

Together, Mirantis and Equinix Metal enable you to:

  • Rapidly provision fully managed Kubernetes clusters on Equinix Metal  
  • Take advantage of the performance of bare metal with the same ease as virtual machines. 
  • Consume infrastructure through a cost-effective, OPEX model that better manages hardware spend for key workloads, freeing up resources to support innovation. 
  • Integrate with common DevOps tools enabling you to deploy new Kubernetes clusters on demand within minutes. 
  • Deploy clusters running both Kubernetes and Swarm, so you can select the container orchestration model that’s right for your applications. 
  • Deploy your workload where you need it globally, 18+ metros, close to customers, with peerless connectivity and ultra-low packet round-trip times 

Watch how to setup Mirantis at Equinix Metal

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Interested in Mirantis?
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