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Equnix Metal


Supercharge Kubernetes with Bare Metal

Unleash a new level of performance for your container workloads with dedicated infrastructure that scales

Kubernetes on Bare Metal

Interested in Kubernetes on Bare Metal?

Why Kubernetes?

  • Simplicity

    Because VM-based container environments have more layers to manage, bare metal can be simpler to troubleshoot and support, reducing operating costs.

  • Horsepower

    Individual containers deliver up to 30 percent greater compute and I/O performance in a bare metal environment.

  • Density

    The number of containers per server is far higher in a bare metal environment than a VM-based environment.

  • Utilization

    Higher utilization translates to a smaller data center footprint, lower power and cooling costs, as well as further reductions in management expenses.

  • Portability

    By building on top of foundational bare metal, you can easily deploy and manage your Kubernetes-based applications anywhere, from on-prem to across clouds and at the edge.

  • Native Integrations

    Along with the community and our partners, we maintain an extensive list of integrations to help you deploy, operate and scale Kubernetes your own way.

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Kubernetes resources

Run K8s on Bare Metal

Kubernetes on Bare Metal Chart

Together, Kubernetes and Equinix Metal deliver:

  1. Automated, single tenant bare metal
  2. CCM, Cluster API, Kube-vip, Autoscaler
  3. Deep cloud native community ties
  4. Outstanding personalized support

Partners and Distributions

The Kubernetes ecosystem is growing daily. Check out some of the projects that maintain formal support for Equinix Metal.

  • Lokomotive Lokomotive is a 100% open source Kubernetes distribution from the folks at Kinvolk.

  • Platform9 Fully managed Kubernetes as well as Openstack and Serverless solutions.

  • Gardener The Kubernetes botanist — seed Kubernetes clusters across cloud providers at scale.

  • Kubespray Deploy a production ready Kubernetes cluster, including on Equinix Metal.

  • Kinvolk Kinvolk is a Berlin-based company workin on the technologies at the core of modern Linux systems.

  • Weaveworks Weaveworks makes Kubernetes management easy with tools, support and GitOps focus.

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We’re building really large Cassandra and Kubernetes clusters so we need tremendous storage and memory capabilities. The heavier the workload, the more Equinix Metal shines.

Anthony Woods, CTO and Co-founder, Grafana
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