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Equnix Metal


Gain Cost Effective Edge Delivery with Equinix Metal

For many organizations, delivering faster business-critical global workloads can have unpredictable costs and fulfill the value your business is expecting. With Equinix Metal™, you get fully automated infrastructure across a global footprint that is developer-friendly.

Edge Delivery

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Why Leverage Equinix Metal for Global Edge Delivery?

  • Expanded Global Reach Easily target desirable markets without having to invest in expensive infrastructure expansion.

  • Rich Interconnection Access to the most cloud and digital customer ecosystems in the world.

  • Better User Experience Easily find and establish one-to-many connections to digital business ecosystems in any region.

  • High Performance Leveraging hardware resources via bare metal that are not available in VMs or through cloud services.

  • Faster Time to Market Scale compute needs on-demand or add compute in minutes to a new metro.

  • Global, Trusted & Interconnected As part of Equinix, you receive access to a global footprint that is interconnected to all major clouds & networks.

Photo of Ivo Rook

With Equinix Metal developer-friendly bare metal, we're able to take our Curiosity IoT platform to any city in the United States in 90 days or less.

Ivo Rook, SVP IoT, Sprint
  • Equinix Fabric

    Equinix Fabric

    Distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems connected globally on Platform Equinix via software-defined interconnection.

  • Red Hat OpenShift

    Red Hat OpenShift

    With Equinix Metal and an integrated deployment process, you can deliver applications faster across our global footprint.

  • Google Anthos

    Google Anthos

    Deploy a full environment in about an hour using Equinix Metal, well-maintained deployment scripts and Slack-driven community support.

Physical Infrastructure at Software Speed

Fully automated metal you can deploy globally in minutes.

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