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Equnix Metal


High-performance, software-defined backup and recovery.

Cohesity provides a comprehensive range of data management services available on-premises or from the cloud, and now validated on Equinix Metal.


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Why Cohesity?

  • One Platform

    Easily back up and recover data across data centers, edge sites, public, and private cloud environments from cloud adjacent Equinix Metal.

  • Unlimited Scale

    Reduce time to set up, deploy, and expand infrastructure to match data growth. Eliminate costly data copies with zero-cost clones.

  • Unified Data Management

    Manage your data across cloud, on-prem, and Equinix Metal through a single management plane.

  • Easy to Manage

    Control your infrastructure through a single UX and/or robust APIs.

  • Enterprise-grade Security

    Meets the highest security and compliance standards.

  • Always On

    Achieve higher data resiliency and gain peace of mind. 100% dedicated single tenancy for backups.

High-performance, software-defined backup and recovery certified on Equinix Metal.

Cohesity Chart

Together, Cohesity and Equinix Metal enables you to:

  • Easily secure and protect cloud adjacent and colocated data (via 18+ Equinix metros worldwide, all of which are proximate to major cloud providers).

  • Drastically reduce your wait time to set up, deploy, and expand your infrastructure (e.g., without professional services, coordinating installation crews or waiting for hardware to arrive).

  • Manage your data across your on-prem datacenter, Equinix metros, and cloud through a unified management plane.

  • Maintain control of your infrastructure through an intuitive portal and robust API, with the most integrated DevOps ecosystem.

  • Meet the highest security and compliance requirements with customized location and hardware options (100% dedicated single tenancy) for backups.

  • Move to an OPEX cost model for underlying infrastructure.

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Interested in Cohesity?
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