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Beyond Digital

Issue #3

Beyond Digital February 2022
Issue #3

In this edition

We focus on a topic that's on nearly everyone's mind these days: the rise of blockchain. 

Most of us have spent at least a few precious moments hunting down information about the big-name cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the world of blockchain is much more than those two entities, and more than cryptocurrency as a whole. In this issue, we go on a journey to better understand what blockchain is and how it’s affecting our present and future.

Think of the following pieces as a primer. The world of blockchain is broad and we’ve only got so many pages. My goal for this issue is to provide a starting place to begin understanding the ecosystem. And even if you’re already familiar with crypto, there’s something here for you, too. As our world evolves, we have a unique opportunity to understand how technology shapes innovation and why that requires awareness and mindfulness.

G.E. Andrews - Technical Storyteller & Product Evangelist 


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