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Issue #2

Issue #2

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We’re back with another issue of Beyond Digital, and this time we’re talking about security. That term is one that means different things to different people. In this volume, we’ll discuss security in the context of technology and everyday life.

The experience of talking about cybersecurity with individuals who have impressive expertise and knowledge was a reminder of how big and broad the world of security really is, and how complicated it is to establish and enforce digital safety.
When I first thought about what this issue would look like, I didn’t want to approach the subject matter from the usual angles. I wanted to give readers and listeners alike a strong general and technical foundation, and a chance to explore some themes that aren’t always discussed. For me, that meant making sure that cyberjustice and communal security were addressed. With AI and IoT (internet of things) now a part of our daily lives, I wanted to learn concrete ways that could make not only myself safer, but also my family and friends—and my community.

G.E. Andrews - Technical Storyteller & Product Evangelist

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