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Equinix Metal™ offers single-tenant, dedicated servers in its cloud, offering a curated set of server configurations that are perfect for common use-cases.

If hardware fails with any of these standard public cloud configurations, our SLA requires us to give you another machine. Equinix Metal does not keep an agent on a machine once it is provisioned, so customers are responsible for monitoring the health of their hardware, such as disk drives. If hardware fails or becomes problematic, customers should notify and request a new machine. Equinix Metal does not provide a migration service for your data.

Equinix Metal™ also does not provide load-balancing or high-availability configurations, relying on customers provision and configure their servers in a way that provides the right level of redundancy, capacity, backups, and disaster recovery planning for their use-case.

Rack-level Diversity

When planning for resilience, Equinix Metal deploys a pair of switches per rack so individual racks do not have a single point of failure. Depending on a variety of factors — including the size of each of our global facilities — servers may be available in multiple racks. For further redundancy within a data center, you may want to spread your servers over multiple racks.

Although users are not able to query rack information in advance of a deploy, we do provide a Switch ID hash (in the Portal or via our API) as part of the details for any already-deployed instance. Each Switch ID hash represents a switch pair, which allows you to understand the diversity of your infrastructure.

If you are looking to achieve a certain diversity (or concentration) of infrastructure, these are your options:

  • Provision on demand servers. You can destroy and then provision another available server to achieve a particular setup. We cannot always provide the diversity.
  • Reserve hardware in advance. Equinix Metal can work with you to provide the needed setup, pending availability.


For specialized workloads, Equinix Metal can provide customized server configurations on a contract basis. Interacting with custom configurations is similar to our public cloud, but inventory is more limited. If there is a problem with custom hardware, users can either leverage on-demand servers or tap into dedicated “spares” — extra machines that are reserved for just this purpose.

No matter the use case, we highly encourage a thoughtful approach to high-availability. Sparing is an excellent tool and we would be happy to discuss it with you.