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BGP Global Communities

Default Behavior

The default behavior (no community) for customer prefixes is that they are advertised to all providers and peers within the facility the prefix is received in.

Global Anycast BGP

If you're using an IP range across multiple regions you can use Equinix Metal™'s Anycast community:


  • Function: Anycast routing

By tagging your routes with this community, Equinix Metal will advertise your routes to only transit and peering we maintain consistently on a global basis. Regional ISPs we connect with (e.g. Verizon in the New York metro area) will not learn your routes, as advertising to them may result in "scenic" routing for you with global Anycast configurations.

Please note that this community should only be used for global Anycast deployments and is not advised for use in a single datacenter, as it will limit the number of available paths/providers you have access to. It should only be deployed by you seeking BGP Anycast topology, with multiple server instances deployed in each Equinix Metal datacenter.

Advanced BGP

You can fine tune reachability to the IPs you announce by attaching Traffic Engineering (TE) Communities.

The purpose of TE Communities is to tell the Equinix Metal network which providers and peers to advertise your prefixes to, allowing for more granular control than default (sans-community) BGP or the Global Anycast BGP community referened above (54825:222).

Using any of the communities listed below gives you full control over the oubound advertisment of your prefixes. You are able to advertise to any combination of providers and peers that exist within a location. Each provider has its own set of communities. If a provider's community is not included on a prefix, we will not advertise it to that provider.

Combining Communities

You are able to combine communities for granular control of your announcements. For example, you can use a combination of communities to advertise to Telia and Zayo, but not Limelight. Or you could advertise to Telia, prepend three times to Zayo, and advertise to an Internet Exchange (IX).

Usage Guidelines

To use the communities correctly please follow the guide below:

  • Other communities such as 54825:222 and 54825:223 should be removed

  • To advertise a prefix to any provider, the “Advertise to XXX” must be used. E.g. to advertise to Telia, 54825:500 must be used. If only a single provider community is used, the prefix will only be advertised to that provider.

  • Combine communities to advertise to multiple providers, e.g. Use 54825:500 & 54825:510 to advertise to both Telia and Zayo

  • To prepend you must include the “Advertise to XXX” community as well as the prepend community. E.g to prepend two times to Limelight, you must use 54825:530 & 54825:532. This tells our routers to advertise to Limelight, and prepend twice.

Transit Providers

Telia Communities - ASN 1299

Available in All Facilities (except SYD2, HKG, NRT, YYZ)

Community Function
54825:500 Advertise to Telia
54825:501 Prepend one time
54825:502 Prepend two times
54825:503 Prepend three times

Zayo Communities - ASN 6461

Available in All Facilities (except SYD2, NRT, SIN, HKG)

Community Function
54825:510 Advertise to Zayo
54825:511 Prepend one time
54825:512 Prepend two times
54825:513 Prepend three times

Hibernia Communities - ASN 5580

Available in NRT1

Community Function
54825:520 Advertise to Hibernia
54825:521 Prepend one time
54825:522 Prepend two times
54825:523 Prepend three times

Cogent Communities - ASN 174

Available in SJC2

Community Function
54825:540 Advertise to Cogent
54825:541 Prepend one time
54825:542 Prepend two times
54825:543 Prepend three times

Telstra - ASN 4637

Available in NRT1, SIN3, HKG2, SYD2

Community Function
54825:620 Advertise to Telstra
54825:621 Prepend one time
54825:622 Prepend two times
54825:623 Prepend three times

GTT Communities - ASN 3257

Available in SYD2

Community Function
54825:590 Advertise to GTT
54825:591 Prepend one time
54825:592 Prepend two times
54825:593 Prepend three times

Private Network Interconnects

Sprint Communities - ASN 1239

Available in DFW, EWR, ORD, DTW, IAD, LAX, ATL, IAH

Community Function
54825:570 Advertise to Sprint
54825:571 Prepend one time
54825:572 Prepend two times
54825:573 Prepend three times

StackPath - ASN 33438

Available in SJC

Community Function
54825:580 Advertise to StackPath
54825:581 Prepend one time
54825:582 Prepend two times
54825:583 Prepend three times


Available in SJC, IAD, EWR

Community Function
54825:600 Advertise to Google
54825:601 Prepend one time
54825:602 Prepend two times
54825:603 Prepend three times

Internet Exchanges


Available in AMS

Community Function
54825:800 Advertise to AMS-IX
54825:801 Prepend one time
54825:802 Prepend two times
54825:803 Prepend three times


Available in EWR

Community Function
54825:810 Advertise to NYIIX
54825:811 Prepend one time
54825:812 Prepend two times
54825:813 Prepend three times


Available in EWR

Community Function
54825:820 Advertise to EQIX-NY
54825:821 Prepend one time
54825:822 Prepend two times
54825:823 Prepend three times


Available in EWR

Community Function
54825:830 Advertise to DECIX-NY
54825:831 Prepend one time
54825:832 Prepend two times
54825:803 Prepend three times


Available in SJC

Community Function
54825:840 Advertise to EQIX-SJC
54825:841 Prepend one time
54825:842 Prepend two times
54825:843 Prepend three times


Available in SJC

Community Function
54825:850 Advertise to SFMIX
54825:851 Prepend one time
54825:852 Prepend two times
54825:853 Prepend three times


Available in NRT1

Community Function
54825:870 Advertise to EQIX-NRT
54825:871 Prepend one time
54825:872 Prepend two times
54825:873 Prepend three times


Available in IAD

Community Function
54825:880 Advertise to EQIX-IAD
54825:881 Prepend one time
54825:882 Prepend two times
54825:883 Prepend three times


Available in DFW2

Community Function
54825:890 Advertise to EQIX-DFW
54825:891 Prepend one time
54825:892 Prepend two times
54825:893 Prepend three times


Available in DFW

Community Function
54825:900 Advertise to DECIX-DFW
54825:901 Prepend one time
54825:902 Prepend two times
54825:903 Prepend three times


Available in SYD2

Community Function
54825:910 Advertise to EQIX-SYD
54825:911 Prepend one time
54825:912 Prepend two times
54825:913 Prepend three times


Available in SIN3

Community Function
54825:920 Advertise to EQIX-SIN
54825:921 Prepend one time
54825:922 Prepend two times
54825:923 Prepend three times


Available in LAX2

Community Function
54825:930 Advertise to ANY2 LA
54825:931 Prepend one time
54825:932 Prepend two times
54825:933 Prepend three times


Available in ORD

Community Function
54825:940 Advertise to EQIX Chicago
54825:941 Prepend one time
54825:942 Prepend two times
54825:943 Prepend three times


Available in HKG2

Community Function
54825:950 Advertise to EQIX Hong Kong
54825:951 Prepend one time
54825:952 Prepend two times
54825:953 Prepend three times


Available in FRA2

Community Function
54825:960 Advertise to DE-CIX Frankfurt
54825:961 Prepend one time
54825:962 Prepend two times
54825:963 Prepend three times


Available in ATL

Community Function
54825:970 Advertise to Equinix Atlanta
54825:971 Prepend one time
54825:972 Prepend two times
54825:973 Prepend three times

Additional communities for Internet Exchanges only

These communities can be attached to prefixes advertised to any Internet Exchange (IX). This allows you to advertise to the whole IX, except for some specific peers. We are able to add more of these communities by request.

Community Function
54825:6939 Do not advertise to Hurricane Electric
54825:15169 Do not advertise to Google

Most IX support their own "do not advertise" communities in the format of 0:ASN where ASN is the peer not to advertise to. We will pass on these communities if they are attached on your prefixes.

Other communities


  • Function: BGP blackhole.

Equinix Metal will blackhole traffic to your prefix, as well as signal supporting transit providers and peering partners to do the same. We support de-aggregation down to the /32 (IPv4) and /128 (IPv6) level with this community only.