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Equinix Fabric

Equinix Fabric is a software-defined interconnection service that enables any business to connect between its own distributed infrastructure and any other businesses', including the world's largest network service and cloud providers, on Platform Equinix. On Equinix Metal, Fabric accepts ingress connections only.


Fabric Connections are available in the following IBX Locations: AM6, NY5, DC13, SV15.


Charges for Fabric will be billed to your Equinix Fabric account, separate from your Equinix Metal bill.

Setup Equinix Fabric on Equinix Metal

Setting up Fabric is completed in three steps.

  • Setting up connection in Equinix Metal Portal
  • Setting up connection in Equinix Fabric Portal
  • Finalizing Connection, attach the VLAN

Setting up connection in Equinix Metal Portal

In the Equinix Metal portal you will find Connections under IPs & Networks from its landing page click 'Submit Connection Request' & choose the preferred IBX & a connection name.

Fabric Details

The Equinix Metal Connection has successfully been submitted and is awaiting review by our support team.

Connection Success

NOTE: Retain the Fabric token, as it is required to complete the setup process in the Fabric Portal.

Setting up connection in Equinix Fabric Portal

Now, onto the Equinix Fabric portal to begin the connection setup.

From the Dashboard, click 'Create Connection' then From 'I want to connect to:' click 'A Service Provider' and search for or click on Equinix Metal.

Fabric Connect To

With Equinix Metal selected proceed to 'Create Connection' Equinix Metal

From Select Locations choose 'Port' or 'Virtual Device'. Along with choosing an IBX & connection Destination.

Fabric Port

From Connection Details set 'Connection Information' including its preferred name, and VLAN ID. The Fabric Token of which was generated/shown during the Equinix Metal Portal configuration process will also be required for this step. Lastly, choose the connection speed for your connection.

Connection Details

Then final review screen will provide your full connection details, it will also allow you to rollback and correct any errors. If all is well, proceed with 'Submit your Order'. After this, the order has been submitted. There could be a slight delay complete your connection request. Typically this is verified, processed and completed with a business day, usually sooner.

Finalizing Connection, Adding VLAN

With the connection configuration complete, the last step is to return to the Fabric Portal and attach the VLAN. To ensure the connection is ready for this final step, review the Connections in the Equinix Metal Portal for a message of 'Waiting for Customer VLAN'.

Do reach out to our support team should you need assistancestance.