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Elastic IP Addresses

Equinix Metal™ supports ordering additional static IP space (referred to as “Elastic IPs”) that can be moved easily between servers. You can choose to have both "local" and "global" elastic IP addresses, which you rent from Equinix Metal on an hourly basis.

  • Elastic IPs - Clients can use our customer portal to order additional public IPv4 address space, ranging from a /32 (a single IP) through a /24 (256 IPs). Though there is no technical limit to how these IPs can be configured, we encourage you to use them responsibly, and as such we charge a nominal fee per elastic IP address ($0.005/hr or about $3.60/mo).

  • Global Anycast IPs - Global Anycast IPs are public IPv4 addresses that are pulled from Equinix Metal-owned IP space and announced in all of Equinix Metal's core facilities. These IPv4 addresses cost $0.15/hr per IP. Regular $0.05/GB outbound rates apply, and (in addition) inbound bandwidth to Global Elastic IPs costs $0.03/GB.

Requesting Elastic IPs

Select the Project in which the reserved subnet is required. From within that specific project, from the IPs & Networks drop-down click IPs. Your project's current IP Addresses should be listed. To request additional IP Addresses, click Request IP Addresses.

From the slide out, you can select the size, type, and facility of the reserved subnet. Be sure to include detailed information for the use case for the requested subnet.

Equinix Metal allows you to reserve the following sizes:

Elastic IPs Usable Global Anycast Usable
/31 2 IPv4 /32 1 IPv4
/30 4 IPv4 /31 2 IPv4
/29 8 IPv4 /28 4 IPv4
/28 16 IPv4


Provisioning a server with a single reserved subnet via Customer Portal


Provisioning a server with multiple reserved subnets via Customer Portal


Creating an IP Reservation through the API

curl  -v \
      -X POST "$PROJECT_ID/ips" \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -H "X-Auth-Token: $PACKET_API_TOKEN" \
      -d @- <<-'EOF'
        "type": "public_ipv4",
        "quantity": 4,
        "comments": "for",
        "facility": "ams1",
        "details": "my /30 in AMS1"

Please Note: The quantity parameter should be the number of IPs in the subnet, valid values are 2, 4, 8, 16. IP reservations larger than 16 will require additional verification by Equinix Metal)

The output would be similar to:

  "details":"my test /30 in AMS1",
  "facility":{"id":"8e6470b3-b75e-47d1-bb93-45b225750975","name":"Amsterdam, NL","code":"ams1","features":["baremetal","storage","global_ipv4","backend_transfer","layer_2"],"address":{"href":"#0688e909-647e-4b21-bdf2-fc056d993fc5"},"ip_ranges":["2604:1380:2000::/36","","","",""]},

Please Note: Should you not recieve a response from the above. A support ticket was submitted on your behalf, and our team will review the request an respond. Should you not see this ticket please email support directly

Host IP Configuration

It is important to note that unlike management IPs, elastic IPs are not automatically configured on servers by default. This is by design; as a security measure, Equinix Metal does not maintain access to servers to update their network configuration files once they’re installed.