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Data center logistics and variations in demand can sometimes result in inventory fluctuations. When you deploy an on-demand server from the Equinix Metal™ console, it will automatically filter your server options using the data center location you choose and the current server inventory at that data center.

If you are deploying servers through the API and there isn't enough capacity to provision your order, the request will fail.

Checking Capacity

You can check the capacity of data centers with the /capacity endpoint. Send a GET request to see a complete list of data centers, servers, and their capacity levels.

curl -X GET -H 'X-Auth-Token: <API_TOKEN>'

Capacity responses are one of the following:

  • Normal - There are plenty of servers available.
  • Limited - There are servers available, but the stock is limited.
  • Unavailable - Servers of a particular type and data center combination are not available.

Instead of checking capacity for everything at once, you can also check to see if a request for a specific data center and servers will be able to be filled. Send a POST request to the /capacity endpoint with the data center, server type, and number of servers you need in the body of the request.

curl -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "X-Auth-Token: <API_TOKEN>" \
"" \
-d '{
    "servers": [
            "facility": "<facility_code>",
            "plan": "<server_type>",
            "quantity": <number_of_servers>

If the request will succeed, the servers object will contain an additional field "available":true in the response. If the request will fail, the the servers object will contain an additional field "available":false in the response.

Other Provisioning Options

To make capacity planning easier, Equinix Metal offers a couple of other ways to order and deploy servers.

  • Reserved Hardware - Reserved hardware provides the ability to reserve specific servers for a committed period of time. Unlike hourly on demand, once you reserve hardware, you will have access to that specific hardware for the duration of the reservation.

  • Spot Market - Spot market is a marketplace with constantly changing inventory. You can place bids on this inventory by defining a variety of factors such as the maximum price you are willing to pay for a particular resource.

If you have regular usage demands but are worried about price, Equinix Metal negotiates custom rates in exchange for commitments as part of a “mix” for your infrastructure portfolio. Or, if you know you have an upcoming need for capacity and want to ensure it is available, please use the contact page.