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Equinix Metal Data Centers

As part of Equinix, Equinix Metalâ„¢ deploys in the most densely interconnected facilities in the world, putting your workloads milliseconds away from the clouds, networks, and enterprises that matter. Equinix data centers are certified to meet rigorous standards that enable secure, compliant and efficient operations Learn more about Equinix's standards, regulations & certifications.

Current data center locations are kept up to date on the Equinix Metal Locations page.

Future Expansions

Equinix Metal is expanding across the Equinix footprint to meet customer demand. You can follow our proposed and in progress expansions at Feel free to leave comments or suggest new locations as well.

Data Center Information in the API

Information about data centers in the Equinix Metal API is available from the /facilities endpoint.

Sending a GET request to the /facilities endpoint will return a list of data centers where your user account is able to provision with lots of information about each, including name, code, ID. The features listed are available to servers in those data centers.

curl -X GET -H 'X-Auth-Token: <API_TOKEN>'

Sending a GET request to the /projects/{id}/facilities endpoint, where the id is the Project ID, will return a list of data centers that are available to that project.

curl -X GET -H 'X-Auth-Token: <API_TOKEN>'{id}/facilities

And sending a GET request to the /organizations/{id}/facilities endpoint, where the id is the Organization ID, will return a list servers that available to your organization.

curl -X GET -H 'X-Auth-Token: <API_TOKEN>'{id}/facilities

Legacy Sites

Equinix Metal maintains a number of global sites. As such, growth is limited in these sites. Please contact us with details about your deployment or application needs.