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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a heterogeneous infrastructure architecture that refers to a combination of computing, storage, and service environments which combine the benefits of public cloud and private cloud services. Hybrid clouds depend on interconnectivity which enable workloads to be moved, management to be unified, and processes orchestrated. The public and private clouds remain separate and unique entities, operating independently of one another while working together over encrypted connections using technology that allows for portable data and applications. Many hybrid clouds are architected to not focus on connecting the environments themselves, but the portability of apps that run in the environments.

While there are numerous ways of implementing a hybrid cloud solution, Equinix Metal™ has created an ecosystem of support around the following hybrid cloud solution providers, making it easier for you to have hybrid cloud solutions on bare metal.

Google Anthos

Anthos is Google's proprietary hybrid cloud solution based on fully managed open-source technologies that contains multiple services aligned with the themes of application modernization, cloud migration, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud management. Its modern application management platform provides a consistent development and operations experience for hybrid cloud. Anthos uses Kubernetes installations where you will deploy your applications, bundling upstream Kubernetes releases, and providing management capabilities for creating, scaling, and upgrading conformant Kubernetes clusters. With Kubernetes running with Anthos, there's a common orchestration layer that manages application deployment, configuration, upgrade, and scaling.

Benefits of Google Anthos

  • Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE) Support
  • Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE) On-Prem Support
  • Istio on GKE

Find more information in the Google Anthos Technical Overview.

Want to get started with Anthos on Equinix Metal? Anthos is available in two flavors, we recommend you use the one specifically intended for bare metal.

1) Anthos for Bare Metal. You’re one click away from installing Anthos using our Anthos for Bare Metal Terraform module.

2) Anthos using vSphere. You also have the option of using the Anthos version that relies on vSphere which is also available in this repo as a Terraform configuration.

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid and mutlicloud deployments. OpenShift is powered by CRI-O, an open source, community-driven container engine with orchestration and container management that keeps container runtime agnostic. Its job is to work with Kubernetes, to manage and run OCI containers.

Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift

  • Each piece of the platfrom (Kubernetes masters, etcd, and Kubernetes nodes) can be configured with multiple redundancy for fail-over and load-balancing.
  • Container and application builds, deployments, scaling, health managment are all streamlined and automated with real-time visibility into containerized application an infrastructure.
  • The APIs enable applications created on OpenShift Container Platform to easily run anywhere while supporting various languages, frameworks, and databases.

Find more information in the Red Hat OpenShift documentation.

Want to get started with OpenShift on Equinix Metal? Get started with OpenShift on Equinix Metal with the Automated OpenShift Installer.

VMware Tanzu

VMware Tanzu is a Kubernetes runtime that allows you to install and run a multi-cluster Kubernetes environment on any infrastructure, like public cloud, private cloud, and on-prem, helping to build a hybrid cloud. With Tanzu, multiple, colocated Kubernetes clusters can be orchestrated from a single control plane with the goal of modernizing your applications and infrastructure.

Benefits of VMware Tanzu

  • Remains cloud-neutral, running on any cloud and removes the need to make operating system considerations to run enterprise-grade Kubernetes.
  • Provides a self-service UI for managing workloads and policies across clusters and vSphere/Kubernetes have automation-friendly APIs.
  • Offers built-in application catalog that is populated with public Helm chart applications.

Find more information in the VMware Tanzu docs.

Want to get started with Tanzu on Equinix Metal? You’re one click away from installing Tanzu using our Automated Tanzu Installer. You may need a VMware Tanzu license to get everything working correctly.