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Equinix Metal™ offers many options for deploying and configuring your servers.

  • On demand - These servers are our most popular and can be requested via the customer portal, API, API integration, or Terraform script. All server types found on our webpage are eligible for on demand deployment - availability permitting. Available inventory is not guaranteed for on demand instance provisioning requests, see our documentation on capacity for more information about availability.

  • Reserved - You can reserve specific servers for a committed period of time. Unlike hourly on demand, once you reserve hardware, you will have access to that specific hardware for the duration of the reservation. This is the best way to guarantee that any and all of your resource needs will be available when you need them. For additional information, reach out to your account manager or contact support.

  • Spot - Our Spot market is a marketplace with constantly changing inventory. You can place bids on this inventory by defining a variety of factors such as the maximum price you are willing to pay for a particular resource.