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All Equinix Metalâ„¢ support channels are available from the customer portal. From there you can open a ticket, send us an email, open our community slack, @ us on twitter, or open a chat with our support engineers. You can also log into the support portal, where you can track the status of your open tickets.

  • Chat - Most minor issues can be resolved over chat. Please be aware that we cannot make changes to an account that are requested over chat.
  • Ticket - Generally submitted for adjustments to entitlements, account reviews, hardware reservations, or IP allocations, etc.
  • Email - If you do not wish to log into the support portal, you are welcome to emailing This will automatically open a ticket for you. Also, all replies to any of your open tickets will be emailed to you directly.
  • Phone - We don't offer phone support. This is because it's much easier for us to assist when we have information written down that can easily be shared with other members of our support team. If you would like support while working through a complex issue we are available to schedule virtual meetings or calls.
  • Slack - Our community Slack is a good resource for support our agents may not be able to provide. This includes questions or problems regarding third party software and services. Equinix Metal's services are not managed, so any questions not related to Equinix Metal hardware or services would best be addressed to the community Slack.