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The Basics

Equinix Metal™ is an automated, interconnected, low-latency bare-metal-as-a-service that is available in global locations across Platform Equinix. Our mission is to enable digital businesses to make infrastructure their competitive advantage.

A few key things:

  • We’re a part of Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company.

  • A lot of our technology and people came from Packet, which was acquired in March 2020.

  • Our “special sauce” is automating hardware

  • We even open-sourced our core provisioning technology — you can learn more at

  • We’re big supporters of open source.

Deploying on Equinix Metal

If you've used any of the major public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP) then Equinix Metal will feel quite familiar. We support core concepts such as user data, and everything that can be done in our portal can be accomplished via our API. The difference is that we focus on single-tenant bare metal compute and interconnection.

Since we are 100% focused on foundational infrastructure, we do not provide higher level services like managed databases or serverless offerings. Instead we invest in a vibrant partner ecosystem.

Working with Equinix Metal

Although our platform is fully automated at all levels and users are responsible for managing their own infrastructure, we do form close relationships with many of our customers. If you have questions or feedback, we would love for you to get in touch. We offer 24/7/365 support, so please reach out to our team via email or Slack as needed.


Support channels are available through our customer portal or by using the Live Chat window on every page. You can also email us directly via, mention us on Twitter @equinixmetal or join us on our Community Slack Channel.

  • Chat - Most minor issues can be resolved over chat. Please be aware that we cannot make changes to an account that are requested over chat.

  • Ticket - Generally submitted for adjustments to entitlements, account reviews, hardware reservations, or IP allocations, etc.

  • Email - If you do not wish to log into the support portal, you are welcome to email This will automatically open a ticket for you. Also, all replies to any of your open tickets will be emailed to you directly.

  • Phone - Our phone support is best for billing and other account issues. You can reach us at +1-212-933-9785.

  • Slack - Our community slack is a good resource for support our agents may not be able to provide. This includes questions or problems regarding third party software and services.

Terms and Conditions

The legal and security page on our main website has our legal policies and security information, including: - Digital Services Agreement - Privacy Policy - DCMA Policy

A full Product Policy can be found on the main Equinix website.

Approval and Abuse

When signing up for an Equinix Metal account you may receive a notification informing you that your account has been flagged for manual review. Please note: this is in no way a judgment of your character, and the decision to flag an account is made by an algorithm, not an Equinix employee.

As an on-demand provider, our platform can be the target of payment fraud and other forms of abusive usage. Therefore, it is imperative that we properly vet all Equinix Metal customers for possible fraud and abuse risk factors.

What happens when my account is flagged?

When our system flags your account for manual review we automatically open a ticket for you regarding the account review. You can view this ticket in the support portal, or in your email inbox.

At this point you will be unable to interact with our customer portal until your account has been cleared by one of our support engineers.

How do I clear my account?

When your account is marked for manual review we will reply to the ticket we opened for you. This may only be to inform you that the review process is complete, and that your account has been approved, but we often request that you provide some additional information to help us with the review.

Note: if you wish to use Equinix Metal for work associated with your company, use your company email on signup.

To help us understand confirm that you intend to operate within Equinix Metal's terms of use, please describe your use case in as much detail as you are willing to share. Please be aware that some use cases are not allowed, while others are not supported. If your use case is not supported, we will still approve your account, and do our best to help you adjust your project requirements to fit the Equinix Metal platform, should you choose to do so.