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Webinar: Success at the Edge

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A rundown on how datacenters are changing the infrastructure market at the edge

Datacenters have been around for decades, but ease of access and datacenter management has never been easy. With the rise of software-defined datacenters (SDDC), Datacenters-as-a-Service providers like Packet have made it easy for companies to leverage the resources that a datacenter has to offer (vs. the public cloud) without the headache.

Learn how the evolution of SDDC is changing the infrastructure market and the edge. Listen in as our good friend Ihab Tarazi, former CTO at Packet and current CTO at Dell Technologies, discusses:

  • Setting yourself up for success at the edge
  • Current innovation trends
  • The major features of a scalable architecture
  • Evolving use cases and deployment opportunities at the edge 

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