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Webinar: Opportunities with a Managed Private Cloud

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Join GigaOm analyst Mark Thiele and VP of Bare Metal Strategy & Marketing and co-founder of Packet Jacob Smith as they discuss what can be accomplished if a company has a need or desire to run applications outside the Public Cloud.

Discover endless options in the IT infrastructure world that afford substantial flexibility in addressing enterprise issues. Listen in as Mark Thiele (Analyst, GigaOm) and Jacob Smith (CMO, Packet) discuss:

  • Considerations an enterprise must make when looking for a Private Cloud solution
  • The high-level definition of Managed Private Cloud 
  • Examples of how other companies have utilized Managed Private Cloud
  • Whether managed Private Cloud can be cost-competitive with Public Cloud or On-Premise IT
  • Why an enterprise would decide to use Managed Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

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