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Ringing in Cloud Native

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We believe that the best part of the holidays, in fact the only part of the holidays worth doing, is giving. So, in case you missed it, we’ve spent the last 24 days giving out daily doses of Cloud Native.

The holidays have come and gone, but Cloud Native is forever.

Week 1 focused on setting the foundation for the series. We were joined by some of the biggest and brightest names in the business to help unpack, debug, and build your path to Cloud Native. Our friends at containerd shared their best practices, we unwrapped K8s cluster management and we shared all the magic of Tinkerbell, now one of CNCF’s newest projects.

And since knowledge is power–and we’re in the business of powering the world’s digital leaders–we wanted to give you the best gift of all: unbridled access to the best minds we have with a full Q&A during our Holiday Mailbag. Week 2 focused on Kubernetes–boxes piled high and ready to unwrap, filled with intro guides, how-tos, and of course, the one where we answered all your burning questions about Cloud Native, live.

The fun didn’t stop there–we turned it into the party only Equinix Metal could with our powerhouse team David McKay, Amy Tobey and Liz Fong-Jones. And just like snowfall this time of year, the content continued to fall...deep. We dove into Promethus with cofounder Julius Volz @juliusvolz and uncovered how to get full insight into your stack with InfluxDB.To round out the festivities–and make sure you’re staying safe this holiday season–we wrapped our final week with tips and tricks: everything you need to know to keep your compliance up to snuff and gain control across your entire stack for total peace of mind heading into the new year.

So there you have it. 24 days of jam-packed learning, great conversation, and cloud native festivities. We hope you enjoyed spending this season with us on the community rink. We’ll keep the ice open for the rest of the year, so you can catch up on any days you missed and get the full experience of cloud native, fully unwrapped. Or, you can always come back here to take a look at the full day-by-day rundown.

24 Days of Cloud Native Recap

  • Day 1: The Path to Cloud Native
  • Day 2: Introduction to CoreDNS
  • Day 3: Introduction to Linkerd
  • Day 4: Introduction to containerd
  • Day 5: Introduction to Tinkerbell
  • Day 6: Introduction to GitOps ToolKit
  • Day 7: Newcomer’s Guide to K8s
  • Day 8: Introduction to Kubernetes on Bare Metal
  • Day 9: Introduction to the Kubernetes Cluster API
  • Day 10: Introduction to kube-vip
  • Day 11: IPv6 ONLY Kubernetes Clusters
  • Day 12: Holiday Mailbag
  • Day 13: Introduction to OpenEBS
  • Day 14: Introduction to Grafana
  • Day 15: Introduction to Prometheus, PromQL, and PromLens
  • Day 16: Introduction to Thanos
  • Day 17: Introduction to OpenTelemetry
  • Day 18: Introduction to Cortext
  • Day 19: Introduction to InfluxDB
  • Day 20: Hands on with faasd & Inlets
  • Day 21: Introduction to Teleport
  • Day 22: Introduction to Open Policy Agent
  • Day 23: Introduction to Falco
  • Day 24: Introduction to the Kubernetes Seccomp Operator

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