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Packet opens its doors (aka #pickyourteam)

It's hard for me to explain how excited I am to be posting on Packet's website - but I'm going to give it a try anyways (and most of you who know me have figured out I generally never shy away from saying a few words!).

Over the past year and a half, I have traveled an amazing journey in search of the "next big thing" in Internet Infrastructure. It started several months after I left my job running cloud and hosting services for Internap. Raj Dutt and I had sold our beloved Voxel to Internap in 2011 after hacking, scaling and managing the company through 10 years of exciting growth and amazing changes in the way users consumed and managed compute, storage and delivery infrastructure for their applications. Although not a born engineer, I've always loved the challenges presented by understanding and harnessing new technologies and my time at both Voxel and Internap pushed me farther than I ever expected. So when I had the chance to take a step back, I vowed to use that unencumbered schedule and lack of corporate ties to explore the changing world of the infrastructure that powers the Internet.

Through a project my brother and I started called CloudRFP, I compiled free research on over 140 of the worlds' best hosting, cloud, delivery and colocation companies. I spoke with and tested scores of amazing companies, services and product innovations and came away deeply humbled. But by the winter of 2013, my subconscious kept bringing something to my attention - a product and customer theme that was getting way too little attention in the world of cloud hosting.  And so it was then, in your traditional 'startup story' kind of way, over late night debates and caffeine-fueled meetings with the thought leaders and engineers I respect most in the hosting world, that the core beliefs and vision of Packet were born.

Note: I have to admit I was inspired by a Super Bowl commercial by Hyundai dubbed "Pick Your Team". I have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of awesome people in my short career, but a handful of exceptional leaders inspire and challenge me like no others. I'm honored to be starting Packet with a group of outstanding leaders. In the coming weeks you'll see some exciting announcements from Packet about what we're building, why we're doing it and how you can help us build a totally next-generation hosting experience.   Stay tuned by following us on Twitter or adding yourself to our mailing list.

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