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Packet hits 3 continents at once!

We had Packeteers on 3 continents today -- with engineering team members on a google hangout from New York, Vermont, San Francisco, Michigan, Argentina (two cities), and Indonesia (five cities)!  Although I somewhat wished we were deploying infrastructure in all of those locations (Steve might remind me we're not quite there yet!), it was pretty awesome to see a team of exceptional  thinkers and developers at work turning our user stories and design docs into plans, specs and dev tickets.  At this pace, I'm hopeful we'll be sharing sneak peaks in the coming weeks on how we're re-imagining the way cloud services can be deployed, managed and shared.

New Terra NextDesk is Awesome

The Terra NextDesk at Packet HQ is awesome

So beyond hacking user stories into code, we've been busy doing a bunch of "hacking the company" stuff.  Drawing on tactics I learned from Raul Martynek - an incredible business leader I had the pleasure of working with during my last year at Voxel - I've been forming a metrics and reporting strategy with input from the entire Packet team.

I am really inspired to approach metrics more seriously at Packet than in my previous businesses - particularly while we're a young company and just starting to form habits about how we work, run and innovate.  One surprising outcome of building a metrics and reporting plan was that it really helped me hone in on our key objectives at Packet.  By forcing me to write down metrics, the process helped focus in on the core product and experience themes that we will bring to customers in the coming months and years.

I also had the opportunity to write an internal post about our first real month (July) in business.   In line with the Open Book management philosophy, it was rewarding to share and discuss the financial and operating results with the full Packet team and some investors.  As soon as we're off and running, we'll start to share those metrics to the public as well.

p.s. A shiny new NextDesk Terra arrived at Packet HQ this week.  Great desk and just plain fun to move up and down with its fancy control panel.

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