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Announcing ContainerShip integration!

Today we are excited to announce that Packet is now available as a native ContainerShip provider! In a nutshell, ContainerShip is a platform that makes it incredibly simple for developers to build, scale and manage the infrastructure that hosts their container workloads. You can run databases, queues, or any stateful application along side your stateless ones. It provides all the tools you need to orchestrate across containers and providers like service discovery, DNS, and load balancing as well as some other goodies like disaster recovery, backup and environment cloning and replication. Since ContainerShip is meant to be used across hosting providers to provide true "hosting portability" you can now run your application workload that really benefits from the economics and performance of bare metal on Packet, while keeping workload that is more appropriate for commodity public cloud there.

Read more about how to get up and running with Packet and ContainerShip, and sign up here to get some account credit to try ContainerShip out on some Packet Premium Bare Metal.

Have fun!

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